By The Intermountain Catholic

SANDY — Blessed Sacrament School is focusing on the social justice issue of literacy and education for the 2014-2015 school year. Students at all grade levels participate in a different literacy and/or social justice activity each month. According to surveys by United Way, 90 percent of brain development happens by age 5, so it is important to make reading a priority in early childhood years.

Children and students who learn to read, and see adults around them reading, are more likely to develop the kind of critical thinking skills that will help them to stay in school, succeed in life, and contribute to their community.

As a way to bring awareness to the importance of strong reading skills, the Blessed Sacrament Literacy Team has instituted the “Stop, Drop, and Read” program.

At random times throughout this school year, Mr. Bryan Penn, Principal, will announce that it is time to “Stop, Drop, and Read.” All staff and students are encouraged to stop what they are doing and read quietly for 10 minutes. Students take reading books with them to all classes throughout the day because one never knows when the announcement will be made.

The development of literacy skills assists all students in gaining the proficiency necessary to thrive academically. The School Board will host a Family Literacy Night featuring approximately 20 different literacy stations during Catholic Schools Week.