Mar 2, 2017



ATTENDANCE LINE: (801) 572-0251, please be sure to call the attendance line by 8:00am.

This Lent I have chosen to add activities to the 40 days of Lent rather than just take away things. One of the activities I am adding this year is an online program from Dynamic Catholic called “Best Lent Ever.” Very worthwhile check it out @


  • This is a tough Flu season! Almost every case of Flu we have had has been someone who had their vaccination! Please make sure that if your child currently has or has had a fever, vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours you keep them home.
  • We are here to answer questions! Any time you hear something that you want more information about or concerns you, please call the office or me at 801-572-5311.
  • Blessed Sacrament Catholic School is looking for an enthusiastic, loving person to manage the new toddler program. Please contact me if you are or know of someone who is interested.
  • We have a Refer-A-Family Program. If you refer a family and they register their child you are eligible for a cash reward! Tell your friends about our great school.
  • Only 51 days till Springfest!

We are excited about the opportunities that are coming up. We are super busy planning the activities that wind up this year and planning for some exciting changes next year! Make sure to read the Buzz each Thursday for information about what’s happening.

Peace and blessings,
Bryan Penn,

Buy your raffle tickets to win our Wagon of Spirits at Springfest! Tickets are available in the school office : $10 each or 3/$25.

We are putting together a video that we will show during the Springfest benefit on April 22, 2017. We need your help! Please send any/all school related photos to Shelley Boldon at Thank you!

At our February meeting, we learned that we have some gritty kids! Members broke into multi-age groups and each presented a page from the book, What Gritty Kids Do When No One is Looking by Jim and Caleb Grant. We had some great ideas, discussions, presentations, and skits to help us learn more about how to be “gritty,” and that when we work together, we really can help make the world a better place! Our next meeting will be Thursday, March 23. We meet from 3:00-4:00 pm in the 3rd grade classroom – pick-up at 4:00 by the front doors or your child may go to Little Blessings. New members are always welcome. If it’s your first meeting, please bring a permission note signed by a parent.
Don’t forget to cut out and bring your canceled stamps!!!!!

Springfest Baskets are due Thursday March 9th, 2017, during Parent-Teacher conference. Drop off will take place in the front lobby. When dropping off your basket, be sure to enclose the following information:

  • Family Name
  • Basket Theme
  • Basket Cost
  • Items in Basket

This will help us accurately record and track all donations. If a family does not create a basket, a $45 fee will be billed to them. Please remember that all baskets must be wrapped in clear cellophane with items securely attached inside the basket.

Baskets do not need to be baskets! Feel free to get creative when putting your items together. Use coolers, buckets, storage bins, suitcases, or other items that might be applicable to your “basket” theme. Most importantly, have fun and be creative!

***And please make sure to visit our new Springfest website: Thanks!!!

Are you interested in staying at a hotel close to St Thomas More for Springfest? We got you a great $99/night deal for the night of Springfest!
*Offer ends April 1st, 2017.

Sign- up sheets are in the school lobby.

What a great turnout for the Father-Daughter Barn Dance! We had a yee-haw good time! Thank you to our parent volunteers for their hard work that evening!
March 3- First Friday Prayer in the gym
March 7 – HSA Meeting, 7pm in the Music Room. Everyone is welcome!
March 18 – St Patrick’s Day Parade. NEW THIS YEAR! We will be walking together with other Utah Catholic Schools to honor our new 10th Bishop of Salt Lake City, Bishop Oscar A. Solis who will be the honorary marshal of the parade. The parade starts at 10am and runs south through Gateway Mall. The parade is the last Saturday of Spring Break, but we hope to still get a great turnout from BSCS Families!
Important Details:
**Please arrive by 9:30 am. We will have coffee/juice/donuts!
** We don’t have the official line-up yet but plan on meeting near 400 W and 300N.
**Wear the Springfest T-shirt from last year (if you have it) or our school colors- purple and teal. Don’t forget to sprinkle in a little green!!
VOLUNTEER HOURS- Don’t forget to log all of your volunteer hours! Go to today! It’s important we track all hours, even after you reach your required 20. Thanks!

Preparations for our first musical have begun! Students are rehearsing and we are looking forward to Thursday, April 27!
There is a lot of work that goes into this production and we cannot do it alone. There are tons of volunteer opportunities! It’s a great way to fulfill your hours. We need helping hands and materials in the following areas:
Costumes, Set Building, Theater Make-up, and Lighting.
If you are able to assist and/or donate materials, please contact Mrs. Thomas. (

Please see the calendar on our website for a complete list of Extra Curricular Activities

The 2017 Springfest Benefit is approaching and your participation is a crucial component to the success of our children’s benefit!

  • Date: Saturday, April 22, 2017
  • Venue: St Thomas More Catholic Church Center
  • Time: 6:00 p.m. – midnight.

Check out all the information on the website at

Family Nite Hockey: All Games, All Tickets on Sale!!! Our Fundraising Committee continues sales of tickets to the remaining three Utah Grizzlies hockey games, Feb. 18th, March 4th, and April 8th. Tickets are $15 a piece (a $5 discount), games are on Saturdays and begin at 7:00 PM at the Maverick Center. Seats are always in the corner plaza and present a great view the whole length of the ice. Ticket sale weekends after Masses include March 11-12th. Purchased Tickets can be picked up the weekends bought or Feb. 25th-26th and April 1st-2nd. To purchase tickets please contact Douglas Bacon at 801-618-7239 or

We are currently enrolling for Bobcat Summer Camp! The daily rate is $30. Campers will go swimming every Wednesday, hike, go to the local parks, have a monthly movie day, monthly field trip, and a lot of other fun activities! If your child is PK4 – 5th grade, they may attend. Please complete the attached registration form. Camp capacity is 30 students.

Children’s Liturgy – Sunday’s at the 11:30 Mass is looking for parents to assist with this program. We are geared to 2-6 year olds and the little ones need help doing the craft project that is tied to the Gospel reading each week.
Please contact Sharon Martin at 801-571-2071 x336 or email, if you are interested!

“Every morning… I have to compare them to stationary objects to see if they are really moving. And I feel like I’m the only one in the house concerned whatsoever with getting ready and getting everyone on the school bus. They don’t have a care in the world, lying around, falling asleep in their cereal bowls, meandering aimlessly around the house, remaining clueless about all of the stuff they need to get together for school. It makes me want to scream!”

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Listed below are some tips for taking better care of yourself in the mornings:

Schedule some time to plan and practice when you aren’t in a hurry.

This means taking the time to show them how to use an alarm clock, how to collect what they need the night before, ideas for making their own breakfasts, tips on creating lists as prompts, etc.

Each morning, take yourself out of the loop as much as possible.

The more you work to ensure that they get ready, the less likely they will learn to do this work themselves.

Place almost all of your emphasis on getting yourself ready.

As we all know, modeling is a great teacher. You shouldn’t feel guilty placing about 98% of your energy on meeting your needs. Besides, you’ve already taught them how to meet theirs.

Pray for opportunities.

Approaching mornings this way typically provides two types of special opportunities: (1) to see that the sky will not fall if your kids end up going to school looking mismatched and disheveled; and (2) for your kids to learn responsibility by making affordable mistakes like forgetting their homework.

Create a covert back-up plan.

Some parents find it wise to have someone secretly on call. If the kids miss the bus, this person can arrive and charge them for taxi service to school.

By the time they reach kindergarten age, our kids… with good training and consistency on our part… can learn to take primary responsibility for getting themselves up and ready to go each and every day. Kids who learn this find it far more natural to assume personal responsibility in other areas of their lives.

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