August 24, 2017



ATTENDANCE LINE: (801) 572-0251, please be sure to call the attendance line by 8:00am.

During our staff retreat we were introduced to this Hospitality Prayer. It is a great prayer to start the day:

As morning breaks I look to you, Oh Lord
Be my strength this day.
Heavenly Father, bless the work I will do this day
And let all my actions bring Christ to the world.
May I be an open door for Jesus Christ
To each person that I serve today,
That they may encounter You.
Give me your Holy Spirit that I may show hospitality
to everyone who walks through our doors.
Be with me, and be my joy.
You are in charge of this day Lord.
You know what’s coming and I surrender my agenda to yours.


  • Two families donated funds to pay for eclipse glasses for the entire school! Thank you Ms. Karen Schleifer and Mrs. Jan Burke.
  • Our friends at Juan Diego Catholic High School have graciously provided us with buses to attend today’s funeral Mass at the Cathedral of the Madeline. We appreciate their support for our school and love for Msgr. Servatius.
  • The Boomtown BBQ & Musical review is This Saturday! I look forward to seeing many of you this weekend. I hope everyone is able to stop by for at least a little while. The food and entertainment will be great
  • Thank you to everyone who attended back to school night. We have lots of great things going on! Please follow us on Facebook and see what we’re all up to.

It was a hectic week full of fun and meaningful experiences.

Thank you for all your help with drop off and pick-up. We’ve noticed that it’s getting much smoother. Remember, for everyone’s safety — slow down, use the crosswalks, and make sure everyone gets in and out on the curbside of the vehicle.

I hope everyone has a fun weekend.

Peace and blessings,
Bryan Penn, M.S.Ed.L


Volunteering Program:

We will be using that same volunteer website as last year. If you created an account last year, there is no need to create a new account. If you do not have an account, visit this link to create one:

The HSA has been working hard on setting up the volunteer website for the coming school year. There are a lot of opportunities already posted and more to come. Please visit this link to sign up for volunteer opportunities:

The HSA has the following events planned for the month of September and in need of volunteers.

Parish Donuts and Coffee every Sunday in September.

Lunch & Recess Duty for September.

Fall Fundraiser.

If your child is registered, you most likely completed the registration packet. Please make sure that you have submitted a copy of your child’s Immunizations and Birth Certificate to the office.

Picture order forms were sent home this week. If a student is in need of more forms please have them stop in the office where extra forms are available. Picture Day is August 30. You can also visit Inter-State Studio at to place the order online. Blessed Sacrament order code is 18426FF.

Collect and save BoxTops. Our first collection will be in October. It’s amazing how easily they add up.

8th grade Confirmation students please register for classes no later than Sunday, September 10th. Include a copy of your Baptismal certificate with your registration forms as well as the fees to cover cost of books and supplies. First day of class is September 10th in the Parish Hall. Mandatory Confirmation Parents meeting will be held Sunday, September 17th in the Confirmation Class room.

First Communion
All Catholic 2nd graders who wish to receive First Communion at Blessed Sacrament please fill out the yellow registration, a copy of Baptismal certificate and fees to cover books and supplies.
Forms are due Monday, September 25th. You may turn them in to Ms. Darling or to the Parish Office. Mandatory Parents meeting will be held at the Parish Center Sunday, October 8th in room 1.

Interested in Learning about the Catholic Faith?

Blessed Sacrament’s RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) classes begin on Thursday, September 7th at 6:45 PM in the Parish Center.

If you are interested in learning about the Catholic faith or would like to deepen your knowledge, we would love to have you join us.

Here are examples of topics we cover in our weekly classes:

  • Faith Journey and Our Relationship with Jesus
  • Overviews of the Old and New Testaments
  • A Church tour and the Structure of the Mass
  • The Commandments and the Beatitudes
  • The Person of Jesus
  • Prayer and the Rosary
  • Mary and the Saints
  • Advent and Lent
  • The 7 Sacraments
  • Family Spirituality

Our normal 2 ¼ hour class schedule (6:45 to 9 PM) also includes 30 minutes to discuss the upcoming week’s Gospel message.

If this is something you or someone you know would like to learn more about, please contact Deacon Marcel and Dorothy at 801-572-9734.

Even though this school has been constructed with materials that do not contain asbestos, federal regulations require that schools be inspected for the presence of asbestos, a toxic material that has been used in the construction industry for a number of years.

A letter from the architect stating the fact that this school has no asbestos containing material has been sent to the State Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Air Quality, Salt Lake City, Utah. Copies of this letter are on file in the school office and at the Catholic Schools Office, Diocese of Salt Lake City, 27 C Street, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Tailgating with the Catholic Business Network will host an event this Friday, August 25th at 4:30pm at Juan Diego Catholic High School. Come join in!


Band is back! Janelle Johnson is beginning a band program for our students. Band will be held after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3pm to 4:15pm beginning August 29. See attached flier for information on musical instruments.

Chess club is back. Information to sign up is available on the attached flier.

Golf begins September 27th. More information can be found in the attachments.

Karate will begin after school on Wednesday, August 30 and continue on Wednesdays. Kyu Shin Ryu Karate LLC information is attached.

Soccer methods and techniques are the subject of our soccer attachment. If your student is interested in building their skills the after-school soccer program will help them succeed.

Mad Science brings fun science exploration back to Blessed Sacrament beginning September 25th.

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