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Mrs. Shelley Luna

Mrs. Luna earned a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Westminster College, holds
Teaching Certificates from Texas and Utah with an Endorsement in Early Childhood Education.  She has been teaching since 1973, and with Blessed Sacrament Catholic School since 2002. Her teaching career has provided her with the opportunity of teaching both in public and private schools in the states of Texas and Utah.  Specifically, she chooses to teach in the community of Blessed Sacrament Catholic School to fulfill her professional and vocational calling.  She loves the very special part of being able to bring God and our Catholic faith into her classroom.  Mrs. Luna values being able teach children about the values which spring from our belief as Catholics and cherishes the freedom to speak with the children about how we should treat one another, and why we believe that we are helping God to share His Love with everyone when we are good to each other.  With an open and loving heart, Mrs. Luna presents simple yet profound concepts to her students.  Mrs. Luna believes in loving and encouraging all our children, regardless of the faith to which they belong.

“I love the zest, energy, curiosity and openness of children!  I love watching them try new activities, learn new concepts, and then run with what they learn.  I love challenging them, watching them in a nurturing environment and providing a positive first school experience.”  –Shelley Luna

Mrs. Luna is very focused on presenting children with materials they find interesting, challenging, and structured. Mrs. Luna developed her academic curriculum with a great deal of attention and detail.  Her ultimate goal is helping each child create the underpinnings of a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life.

Mrs. Shelley Luna

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher